outbound 3.0 Revenue Program
Outbound GTM Strategy
& Targeting
  • The outbound mindset
  • ICP and Buyer Personas
  • Target market business pains
  • Target market segmentation
  • Target market data sources
Sales Prospecting
& Lead Generation
  • Prospecting and lead research methods
  • Prospecting tech stack
  • Lead list building  
  • Lead list cleaning
Outreach Channels
& Tactics
  • Multi-channel outreach tech stack
  • Outreach system setup 
  • Cold email copywriting 
  • Call and voicemail masterclass
Outreach Campaign Management
  • Omni-channel sequence design and creation
  • Campaign monitoring: metrics, analytics, reporting
  • Campaign management: testing, iteration and optimization
  • Book meetings on autopilot
Social Selling
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Network expansion tactics
  • Content and post copywriting
  • LinkedIn outreach best practices
Implementation and Execution Support
  • Help with implementing the new strategy and process
  • Leveraging your in-house outbound system to generate leads
  • Ongoing support throughout the entire program
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